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VS嵐 #255 | 2014年04月24日 ♦ Dual Curling Power-Up

Bonus Pocket: Any stone that falls into the bonus pocket gives a 50pts bonus at the end of the game, and gets back to the thrower, who can then throw it again (possibly in the bonus pocket). A double points stone gives 50x2=100pts. The bonus pocket goes off after 45 seconds, leaving the last 15 seconds to throw the remaining stones the usual way.

嵐 First-Try Stats: 1st Round: 70+200pts (二宮和也: 50x2, 相葉雅紀: 50x2**)
2nd Round: 50+500pts (櫻井翔: 50x1, 松本潤: 100x2, 大野智: 50x5)

**NB: I think they counted Aiba’s first stone to go into the pocket twice. (;゜ロ゜)エェ??

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