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Taehyun is the youngest, but he doesn’t act like one. He has his own principles. He has a positive drive and is strong. He seemed cold and confident like a cat, but once he thinks you are his “person”, he trusts you. Seeing him open up to us makes us feel like he is very close to us, and I feel even more grateful.
Mino’s message to Taehyun (via fuckboymino)


Sakurai Sho - spotted by ‘Friday’ at 1:00am
“Entering a luxury hotel with caution”

translated: Sho was first spotted in an area called ‘Hiroo’ (many foreigners live in this area) leaving a supermarket. The author states that he had a special aura which surrounded him. According to the other, Sho immediately recognized the photographer. In attempt to escape, Sho got onto a taxi and arrived at a first class hotel. The author was interested if there was a girl (possibly Horikita Maki) on scene, but he waited and there was no sign of anyone. Slightly disappointed, the author went home.

photo credits: l_2o3_yf on twitter

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